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The picture shows a black square blackboard with the inscription locksmith service mainz night and day. 24 hours.
The picture shows a black square blackboard with the inscription Locksmith Service Mainz, Video in german language
The picture shows a black square blackboard with the inscription cheap locksmith service from mainz. Prices from 79 dollar or euro inclusive approach for a door opening

The Mainzwerker

Emergency Locksmith Service Mainz

You know the feeling. When you need a locksmith service near Mainz, because your door won’t open, it’s hard to find a cheap one nearby.

Don’t worry. You’ve just found a good locksmith. My name is Marcus and I’m the Mainzwerker locksmith service from Mainz Mombach.

I can get to any place in Mainz, Wiesbaden and Ingelheim within 30 minutes and faster.

You can check out my prices for an emergency door or window opening here. (german language)

If you use our 24h locksmith service, you can pay cash or via paypal. The prices shown in Euros are also valid for the US-Dollar.

You can contact us anytime, night and day.

Greetings your

Marcus Merten

The Mainzwerker is not a broker, he is a genuine Mainz-based locksmith service located in Mainz-Mombach.

We arrive in an environmentally friendly and quiet manner using an electric vehicle. (Tesla)

We are particularly swift in reaching you because we do operate our emergency locksmith service in Mainz, specifically in Mainz-Mombach on Westring.

Our locksmith service rates adhere to the general recommendations of consumer protection centers.

Das Bild zeigt Geldmünzen, die einen günstigen Preis für den Mainzwerker darstellen sollen.

Prices for a door opening

The cost of the Mainzwerker locksmith service during weekdays in Mainz, Wiesbaden, and Ingelheim between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM starts at 79 euros or dollar.

We accept cash, creditcards, applepay, googlepay or paypal.

For evenings, nights, and weekends, there are different rates. (german)

If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask and call us at every time.

The Mainzwerker in action